"Get it ALCOLA clean"

For years, ALCOLA has been cost competitive and has put quality and service as their number one priority.  Being able to get the right product from the right supplier to ALCOLA'S customer base has put ALCOLA one step ahead of the competition.  Become part of ALCOLA'S customer base and experience  cost-saving rewards and quality products.  Remember, you are not buying overhead when you are a customer of ALCOLA.  Give us a call and you will see why!


ALCOLA has chemicals for any cleaning need, or we will have them made to your specifications.
ALCOLA features specialty chemicals for:

Cleaners for the Transportation Industry

  • Transmission Shops
  • Rebuild Shops
  • Vehicle & Truck Wash Shops

Pulp and Paper Chemicals for Deposit Control & Felt Cleaning

Prepaint Phosphatizing Products

Specialty Release Agents for OSB & Fiberboard Mills

Special High Solid Lubricants to prevent fluted cracking on paper board in corrugated medium mills

Alcola Strike Blue, Multi-task cleaner for the Bowling Alley Industry

Water Treatment Chemicals for Municipalities

Food Sanitary Maintenance Cleaning Products